Typography II (Spring 2011)
Oklahoma State University
Professor Phil Choo
Canon 60D, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Willi Kunz and Eduardo Recife are two of today's most prolific graphic designers. While most would consider their design aesthetic and philosophy to differ greatly, there are many facets to their design that share similar characteristics

Visual research easily exposes the differences between these two designers. Willi Kunz is an advocate of the clean Swiss style with perfectly generated lines and geometry, while Eduardo Recife emphasizes ragged images that are typically composed by hand.

I was assigned this project with the goal of creating a seamless sequential design from one designer to another. After researching and learning much about these two, I have considered ways to portray these similarities and differences in a sequential video. Seeing as they have two very different visual styles I decided to focus on the similarities they share in layout and philosophy.

Both designers work in similar ways while the end result is quiet different. They focus on the process of creating their work and alter it as they work rather than beginning with a predetermined layout in mind. I believe that this video is a great example of a changing and adaptive design, which is a key point to both their philosophies.
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